Parent Class Representatives (ClassReps)

The ClassReps play an important role in the smooth running of the school. They are chosen by you, the parents, and are your direct contact for all school and class matters. ClassReps also coordinate all class social activities, participation in school fundraising events, such as coffee and cake sales, and, if necessary, provide general help and support to classroom teachers.
ClassReps are also responsible for communicating information between the parents of the class and the representatives of the Parent Association Committee so that the PA can effectively represent the parents’ interests at all school meetings with the teachers and administrative staff.

Election and Duties of ClassReps
The ClassReps for each class are elected on the first parent evening each school year. The school then forwards a list of the ClassRep e-mail addresses to the PA Board. At the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the newly elected PA Committee delegates roles within the committee and representatives for each language sections (DE, EN, FR, and SWALS) are selected.

The ClassReps are important contact persons for the transmission of information. On the one hand, they represent the parents of their class at school and, on the other hand, they are also their point of contact if questions or problems arise.

Working together, ClassReps can provide a good foundation for the class climate. When organizing joint activities for the families of a class, all parents have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Mutual trust in turn has a positive impact on students and their school life.

One of the two ClassReps must take on the task of forwarding the e-mails from the PA or school, which contain important information for all parents. The prerequisite for this is that all parents provide their ClassReps with a current e-mail address. For privacy reasons, neither the PA nor the school may pass on existing contact information to the ClassReps. It must be gathered directly from the parents in each class.

Please remind parents that they can find answers to many of their questions at the sources listed below:

  • the school website (information, calendar, etc.)
  • the website of all European schools (syllabues, guidelines, general rules)
  • the website of the parent association (Afterschool Activities, Holiday Camps etc)

The PA greatly appreciates the commitment of all ClassReps; the feedback from the parents is very important and contributes to the good communication and positive development of the school. The PA takes all parents’ concerns very seriously and will always treat them with absolute confidentiality.

In order for the PA to be able to represent the interests of the parents at the Educational Council meetings, the PA Committee meets with all ClassReps beforehand, in biannual ClassRep meetings. The ClassReps can pass on all topics and problems that occur in the everyday school life of their class.