About the PA

About the parents´association

The parents’ association is a voluntarily run, registered non-profit association consisting of the members of the parenting group.
All families with children at the ESK can voluntarily become members.

As a member and therefore part of the parents’ association, you support the European School Karlsruhe with:

– Projects for the children within the annual “project weeks”,
– other projects that take place in groups or across levels from kindergarten, elementary school and high school,
– the annual summer festival and other festivals,
– Funding that is necessary due to social circumstances,
– Promotion of swimming lessons through the cost of swimming lanes,
– Support for school trips and excursions,
– other projects, such as school newspapers,
– and much more.

These points are financed in whole or in part from your membership fees.

Thank you very much for that!

In addition, you are of course also welcome to take part in the organization yourself and have a direct impact on your child’s school life.
The active members of the parents’ association meet once a month.
You can find out about the content of the sessions from kar-ev@partner.eursc.eu
We are happy to keep interested parents up to date on the progress and development of the school.