The Parent Associations of all European Schools are united under the umbrella organization ‘Interparents’.

Interparents, in turn, represents parents in matters that are important to the Board of Directors in Brussels. These matters include:

  • Nursery/Primary Education and Secondary Education,
  • Administrative and Financial Matters,
  • Special Educational Needs and Learning Support,
  • Criteria for Performance Standards,
  • The European Baccalaureate Diploma,
  • Languages ​​and Libraries
  • Development and Reform of the European Schools.

The ESK Parent Association is extremely active within Interparents and recognizes the importance of making a strong commitment to support all parents throughout the European school system.

It is important for all parents to fully support this link with the Governing Body in Brussels so that there is strength to ensure a healthy and invigorating learning environment for all our children.

The current Interparents representatives for the European School Karlsruhe can be found on our Who’s Who page.

For more information, click Interparents website