We know how important nutritious and healthy food for your children is. Therefore the Europäische Schule Karlsruhe started to cooperate with Medirest (certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2000) to provide our children with the best possible. Medirest developed the Schoolfood program FOOD CLUB considering input of pupils.

Our focus is on variety, quality and taste, without the use of flavour enhancers. The meals are prepared according the guidelines of the German Society for Nutritien. Every day the meals are freshly prepared in the school kitchen.

With use of the scoolcard (school id card) the pupils are able to pay for their meals without cash. Once registered, you can order your lunch of choise online at home.  

Orders can be made weekly or bi-weekly. Changes or cancellations, e.g. because of illness, can be done untill 8.30 am on the day the order was made for.

The following prices apply :

Price with reservation :

Price without pre-order

Lunch, normal or vegetarian

4,05 EUR

4,55 EUR


3,20 EUR

3,20 EUR


3,60 EUR

3,70 EUR

Soup with bread

2,60 EUR

2,80 EUR

It is possible for pupils to decide spontaneously to have lunch in the canteen. They can pay with their scoolcard (school id card) at the cashier desk. A menu order or payment is only possible with sufficient credit.
In addition to online banking, your children can recharge their card at a recharge station in the canteen. Cash is not accepted at the cashier desk.

How can I order my lunch?

You can find the menu under the following link:
Your credentials for the menu order:
Benutzername:  Benutzer
Kennwort:  Passwort

How to pay?

The food is paid in advance (eg per permanent order) to the following bank account:
Empfänger: Medirest GmbH & Co OHG
Kreditinstitut: Sparkasse Karlsruhe
IBAN: DE17660501010108099185
Verwendungszweck: Intended use (please pay attention to correct spelling.)

How can I pick up my ordered food?

In the canteen, the identification of the menu is given with the excisting ‘scool card’, which is also used as an access card for the school.
Please only provide your registration data for the online menu order and your school ID card to authorized persons.
Please first transfer a credit (with specification of intended use) on the account in trust. Depending on how often you like to use our lunches at the canteen, we recommend to create a standing order of 40,00 EUR – 80,00 EUR monthly.
You can check the credit on the account online. If the money is credited to the school account, you are able to make your first order. Your child can pick up their lunch with their scoolcard. 
Please note: you can only buy a menu or order a menu, if you have enough credit on your account.
The canteen committee consists of representatives of the Parents’ Association and ESK staff members. Together with our partner Medirest, we aim to ensure good quality of food and a well run canteen.

To avoid lines at the cashier desk, please make sure that your child’s card is charged