Helper summer fest 2022

Dear parents, dear teachers and dear friends of ESK Karlsruhe community,
after two years without summerfest, we are finally going to have our Summerfest 2022 in less than one week!

There are some things that we still need to prepare and we are counting on your help to achieve a beautiful and playful day for all pupils of our school.

We would like to remind you about the Tombola and the donation of cakes. Please talk to the classreps and teachers of your class, we still have time left to prepare everything :). We still need independently of our helperlist 4 parents that are going to help us with the Bouncy castle. If you have time and are willing to help, please contact us asasp.

Today we are sending to you the last version of programm with new activities and our helperlist, that we still need to fullfill. One important information is that the helplist can only be fulfilled using computer.

 We are thankful that S6 and maybe S7 pupils are helping us to make a beautiful summerfest – as always, part of the incoming money will be used to organize the Abiball – “Together, we are stronger”!

This year we have also some good attractions for secondary. The big one is ESK Topolino Cup! You can register individually or in team by the latest 24th June.

If you have any concern or suggestion, please contact us!

Looking forward to enjoy our summerfest together with you all!

Warm regards and good week!
Ilka von Bauer Monteiro de Paula On Behalf of PA and Summerfest Team

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