Corona Rules for Participation in Extracurricular Activities – Status: 04.04.2022

When you register your child for the extracurricular activities, you must read these rules. By registering your child, you declare that you accept and will follow these rules.

After a significant relaxation of the Corona rules was decided by the government and the Ministry of Education, we are now allowed to implement them in the extracurricular activities.

  1. All students who are not in quarantine or isolation are allowed to participate again.

  2. The quarantine and isolation definitions are determined by the current rules of the state government. Currently, quarantine (e.g. in case of contact within the family) is 5 days for non-vaccinated or non-genetically active children. The isolation (in case of corona infection of the child) is currently 7 days, after which free testing with an antigen test is possible.

  3. A rapid antigen test already counts as a positive test, a PCR test does not have to be waited for.

  4. Furthermore, all other distance and hygiene measures apply to school, although we recommend that pupils continue to wear masks at least until the Easter holidays.

The rules can be adjusted by the Parents’ Association if necessary and depending on the Covid situation.