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On these pages you will find all the information concerning the transport of the pupils and kindergarden children. If there are any further more questions please address them to Mrs Alina Popa (see contact). If you have ideas how things can be improved then please contact us and inform us. It is our will to deliver a good service for you and your children.

Information presented concern
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News / Actual information


  • !! number of school busses in 2017/18 stays equal !!!

for the new school year the originally by the city of Karlsruhe planned cutting in the support for the bus transports of the ESKAR has been suspended. This means that for the next school year the school bus connections will be kept identical to this year. Time tables aso will be published here.


  • service fee increase from 1.9.2017 to 35 € per child and year

we apologise but we have to increase our service fee with the start of the new school year to 35,- € per child and year. The reason is that the work load for the transport secretary and treasurer is so high that it cannot be covered at all by a minijob. Due to the fact that the secretary cannot be paid any more on a minijob base the overall costs for this position will double as in this moment as well social insurances have to be paid. The transport committee does not have this money and therefore we have to increase the fee. The transport committee agreed to this step and we kindly ask your understanding.


The work of our secretary and treasurer includes not only all the administrative matters but as well to prepare and set-up the transport for the future. Furthermore she is acting as interface between the parents, the school, the transport companies.The re-organisation of the transport will be one of the main tasks during the new school year. 


  • !! info on transport at the start of the new school term !!

the first school day after the holidays will be september 4. On this day the school will end at 12:20 for all children, accordingly in the afternoon there will be no transport.  From the 2nd school day the lessons are scheduled regularly.

in the first week of the new school year there will be directly works which will affect tram 18: as a consequence the tram will not be in service but there will be a bus as replacement. Details on stops aso can be found in the download section on the bottom of this page. Some stops will not be served by this tram now, please at the stops Hauptfriedhof, Fächerbad und im Eichbäumle please benefit frm tram 17. The stop Rintheimer Str will be suspended completely during this week.

The school day will become longer for 10 min by start of the next school year. All time tables for all busses and trams will be renewed before and published here in the download section. But his is not finished yet. Therefor before the start of the new school year, please visit our side here and make a download of the bus/tram time tables.


  • !! important info on transport for the end of school term !!!

the last two wednesday of the ongoing school year - 28.6. and 5.7. - are both short school days for all children, there will be no tranport in the afternoon.


  • NOW open as well order for ScoolCards for children from ESKAR or JRC

now the forms for the order of ScoolCards are available as well for the parents from the JRC or the ESKAR, please follow this link to proceed, choose the right form aso...


  • parent evening, report

please be referred to the page on the left.


  • changes on transport from the new school term 2017/18 on

1) the school day will be elongated by 10 min, so that all departures in the afternoon will be postponed accordingly, your child(s) will arrive 10 min later at home.

2) it was agreed between the transport committee the städtische Schul- und Sportamt and the school the from the next term on the bus line 11 will not take place any more. We regret this substantial loss in our service, the background is explained under the points (see below) and will be addressed as well during the parent evening.

In order to maintain however the service to a certain extend one tram line will be elongated to Haus Bethlehem so that for the families concerned there will be the possibility to take the school tram from this station.

Furthermore it is foreseen to elongate bus line 14 from Leopoldshafen to Eggenstein, so that there will be stops in Eggenstein in order that the children may take usage of this bus.



  • new: parent contribution to ScoolCard for children in the primary school from the new school term 2017/18 on

from the next school year the city of KA has decided that parents of children of class 1 - 4 of the primary school as well will have to pay a contribution of 10,- € per month to the ScoolCard. Therefor this year it will be necessary that you will have to create new applications for ScoolCards for all children in the elementary as they changed the rules.

Children of class 5 in the elementary have to make a new application anyway but the parent contribution is much higher like for children in the secondary because in the German system the secondary starts with year 5.

For more detailed information please be referred to the original document from the städtische Sport- und Schulamt, but be aware, that it is not easy to understand, even if you are german. The document of the SuS you find at the bottom of this page.

More details for the ScoolCard you find here.




last update: 6.7.2017

Bus Fahrplan ab 7. November 2016
the new time schedule after the works, slightly adjusted
Busfahrplan ab 07.11.16.pdf
PDF-Dokument [59.2 KB]
Europäische Schule - normal tram Schedule valid from 9.1.2017
Europäische Schule - Tram Fahrplan ab 09[...]
PDF-Dokument [171.8 KB]
replacement of tram 18 after the school holidays by a bus, map of stops
in the first week after the holidays tram 18 will be suspended due to works. There will be a bus instead.
SEV for tram 18, after summer holidays.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]
Europäische Schule - Tram Schedule valid from 6.6.2017 until 16.6.2017
Europäische Schule - Tram Fahrplan 06.06[...]
PDF-Dokument [19.4 KB]
regulation for ScoolCard from school year 2017/18
this is the official information from the städtische Schul- and Sportamt concerning rights and subvention for accessing a ScoolCard, however in German
Fahrkosteninformation Schule 2017-2018.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [150.9 KB]
Liniennetzplan - transport network - Europäische Schule
Liniennetzplan Europäische Schule (ab 1[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.0 MB]
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