Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.
Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.

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On these pages you will find all the information concerning the transport of the pupils and kindergarden children. Please be referred to the sub-pages listed on th left in our command barr.

If there are any further more questions please address them to Mrs Sanne Optatzy (see contact). If you have ideas how things can be improved then please contact us and inform us. It is our will to deliver a good service for you and your children.

If you want to benefit from a school bus or a school tram then you need to register in order that you can do so.


News / Actual information



  • !! it is time to order the ScoolCards for the next school term !!

if you need a ScoolCard for your child(ren) next school year then please follow simply this line:

afterwards follow the information given on the command barrs (on the left) or

in case that your child is in the kindergarden please register/update, read the fee section and then send us an email.You will receive an invoice from us.

Due to the many requests arriving to us at the moment we elongated our deadline to the end of May, so please do all this before May 31.



  • !! ON-LINE administration tool installed please register/login !!

the transport committee of the European School is now switching to an online application. This reduces our time efforts to be spent for the pure administrative matters and enables us to focus on the future development of the transport at the school.

However, it requires your support and help. We have already imported the data as far as possible and sent out emails to those of you of which we own the email adresses.
In case you have not received an email from us and you benefit from the transport then this means, that you will have to register as a new client and create a login.
Therefor you will be requested to verify your email address and then to fill in your data. In future the verification and an yearly update of your data will be necessary (in April).
please note, that only doing so we will proceed with the order for ScoolCards for you.
This means: if you need a ScoolCard for the next term, please visit our side and login/register in order to control/update your data.

Here is the link to the side for all on-line issues or click on online service on the left side in the command barr.



  • new bus time schedule valid from May 2, 2018

the bus time table were updated, please notice and take into account. You find it on the bottom of this page as download.



  • !! for next school term: we have to save money, re-organisation of the transport, forum installed!!

the transport of the children to the school and back home is an important issue and part of the school climate.

as already announced last year we are under pressure in order to reduce our costs for 20000 € per year. For more details please look here

transport is not an issue of onyl the transport committee, it concerns all, your contribution is requested and appreciated.

we collect the ideas on how the transport could be organised in the future, what can be improved and how we can enhance efficiency aso ... this is open to all interested parents. This is done within a forum (link). In order to be able to contribute you will have to register, so please simply do it, join us, and help us in collecting ideas and developping the transport for the benefit of all children in the school.


In order to be able to act we now must follow a strict time table:
mid of until latest end of May: the solution has to be found
June: solution has to be prepared/installed
start of July: necessary changes will be communicated



  • service fee increase from 1.9.2017 to 35 € per child and year

we apologise but we have to increase our service fee with the start of the new school year to 35,- € per child and year. The reason is that the work load for the transport secretary and treasurer is so high that it cannot be covered at all by a minijob. Due to the fact that the secretary cannot be paid any more on a minijob base the overall costs for this position will double as in this moment as well social insurances have to be paid. The transport committee does not have this money and therefore we have to increase the fee. The transport committee agreed to this step and we kindly ask your understanding.


The work of our secretary and treasurer includes not only all the administrative matters but as well to prepare and set-up the transport for the future. Furthermore she is acting as interface between the parents, the school, the transport companies.The re-organisation of the transport will be one of the main tasks during the new school year. 



last update: 15.5.2018

bus schedule valid from May 2, 2018
the new time schedule for the busses
Busfahrplan ab 02.05.18-042418.pdf
PDF-Dokument [64.3 KB]
Europäische Schule - tram schedule valid from 25.9.2017 on
Tram schedule from 25.09.pdf
PDF-Dokument [19.7 KB]
Liniennetzplan - transport network - Europäische Schule
Liniennetzplan Europäische Schule (ab 1[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.0 MB]
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