Afternoon Care at the European school (MoMi / NaMi)

Especially for working parents, the core hours of school lessons are difficult to coordinate with their own working hours. For this reason, the ESK has set up an afternoon care service, MoMi/NaMi, which begins at the end of the last lesson. Childcare is offered daily until 18:00.
The afternoon care, MoMi/NaMi, is not run by the Parents’ Association but by a non-profit association founded by teachers and parents of the ESK Karlsruhe.

Nachmittagsbetreuung an der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.
“MoMi” KG and GS
Albert Schweitzer Street 1
76139 Karlsruhe


Payment is by direct debit or bank transfer. Payment is debited/paid in September (term 1) and in February (term 2). If you register your child for the whole school year, the total sum will be debited at the end of September. If transfer is not made by the end of September/February, the child will not be registered and cannot participate at MoMi. For late registration due to delayed school entry, please ask Mrs. Marmillot for special arrangements.  Also in this case, without registration there will be no care.


If a child is reported ill in the morning, it is also a valid excuse for afternoon care. Should a child participate in regular school lessons but not in the afternoon care, the supervisor needs to be informed.


For reliable planning, participation in the afternoon care programme can be booked either for half a year or for the whole school year.
The first term of afternoon care normally starts in the second school week and ends on the day of  issue of mid-term reports.

The second term of afternoon care begins after the issue of mid-term reports and ends a week before school finishes.

There is no afternoon care for the remaining days of school. The exact times will be communicated in time to those involved. Days on which lessons don’t take place, afternoon care is cancelled. Both with MoMi and NaMi there is no coaching or grinds.

Afternoon Care at the ESK

Monday-Thursday: 3.35 – 6.00 p.m

Friday: 12.00 – 6.00 p.m

  • Homework supervision
  • Sports Activities
  • Games (board games, card games, role games, free game)
  • Handicrafts, singing, dancing, cooking

The students are supervised and looked after by qualified teachers in a multilingual and familiar environment of the European School.

Brief Information for the Procedure of the NaMi


All children gather together after the lessons end e.g. after MoMi at 3.25 p.m in room 106 (Building A). Time is devoted to the above activities. The Kindergarten children have the opportunity to rest in bedrooms provided. Students must be picked up after NaMi, at the latest 6 p.m. (on Fridays 6 p.m).

Additional Information and Registration

You can download, print and complete the registration form to Ms. Marmillot (secretary, Building A).


Corina Mayer


The European School offers holiday care in cooperation with various institutions.