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How to get the ScoolCard

For the pupil a one year ticket will be requested (scoolcard) together with the transport committee (KVV forms see https://www.kvv.de/fahrkarten/fahrkarten-preise/scoolcard-ausbildungskarte.html). Therefor you have to be customer of the transport committeee as well.

With this ScoolCard it is possible for the pupils to travel within the entire net of the KVV for the entire school year (holidays included). Additionally the transport committee enables the usage of the school tram or busses. The related additional costs are financed by different support funding. Other tickets as the ScoolCard in the school busses or tram are not valid.

The price of the ScoolCard is fixed by the KVV and will be 480 € for the school year 2018/19 (see price info on th ebottom of this page).

For more information we refer to the internet of the KVV.

Kindergarden children may use the school tram or busses after registration and payment of the transport fee (see explanations in the fee section).

If you are new, please pass by in the transport office and register your children. Once when registered the prolongation of your ScoolCard proceed automatically. Please inform us when you leave the school during the term.


More detailed help instructions on how to get the ScoolCard and all the necessary documents you will find on the bottom of this page as downloads.




From April until Mai 15: sending your request for a school card to the transportation committee (transport@eskar.org). Best is, scan all your documents in and send them via email, in case, it is the first request send a letter including the foto together with the request.
Payment of the fees is in parallel and is to be concluded by Mai 15, afterwards an additional arrear fee is charged.


Fees and payment:

please be aware that any information on the fees is given under the Fees sections whereas the details on the payment for our fees are placed under the Formal infos... section.


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KVV form ScoolCard
this is the official form of the KVV ScoolCard you will have to fill in ....
KVVScoolcard appl form.pdf
PDF-Dokument [620.4 KB]
Informationen ScoolCard in Deutsch
Hier finden Sie die Hilfe, was Sie tun müssen....
Scoolcard Bestellung Info GER.pdf
PDF-Dokument [379.8 KB]
Informationen ScoolCard in English
Here you find help on what to do in more detail....
Scoolcard Order Info ENG.pdf
PDF-Dokument [378.4 KB]
Preis ScoolCard, Price of ScoolCard
flyer of the KVV
PDF-Dokument [477.3 KB]
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