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news on re-organisation of transport

  • parents in working group on re-organisation

the transport of the children to the school and back home is an important issue and part of the school climate. Transport is not an issue of onyl the transport committee, it concerns all, your contribution is requested and appreciated. The school makes publicity with the transport, it is one reason why pupils from outside join the school. If these pupils from outside leave the school (because the bus is cut) this will have a negative influence on the school fees of all others on the school.

As already announced last year we are under pressure in order to reduce our costs by at least 20000 € per year. We have been informed on this on March 21 2018 by the städtische Schulamt, we had requested a meeting since November 2017.

Actually we collect ideas on how the transport could be organised in the future, what can be improved and how we can enhance efficiency aso ... this is open to all interested parents. This is done within a forum (link). In order to be able to contribute you will have to register, so please simply do it, join us, and help us in collecting ideas and developping the transport for the benefit of all children in the school.


In order to be able to act we now must follow a strict time table:
mid of until latest end of May: the solution has to be found
June: solution has to be prepared/installed
start of July: necessary changes will be communicated


on a long term: making the transport fit for the future: independent financing combined with good service


  • background, reasons for the foreseen changes

The städtische Schul- and Sportamt (SuS) needs to shorten the support for the transport of the school pupils. Background is that we receive a quite substantial support from them for the school busses in addition to the general support for the ScoolCards. The public transportation situation in Karlsruhe has however strongly improved

during the past decade(s) so that from point of view of the SuS a re-organisation is absolutely necessary and reasonable. Not for all the pupils approaching the school today the school bus is the only possibility to achieve the school. In quite some cases other possibilities exist which could be used at least by the pupils from the Oberschule. As one (major side-) effect of this optimisation of the transport issues at the school the SuS expects a sustainable save in their expenses. This is as well highly desired besides the town as other expensive projects exist so that household consolidation is needed.

This means in simple clear words, we are requested to re-organise the transport of the pupils in order to make it fit for the future.


What is our goal with this background:

1) we will cooperate with the SuS as they are our partner in financial support for pupils transportation, even if they are going decrease their subvention

2) we will try to re-organise the entire pupil transport in that way that even if the number of lines will decrease the service will hopefully not suffer too much. Once when we have a point with which the SuS agrees as well then we would like to fix it and sign this agreement with the SuS which should be valid for some years.

3) we try to keep the entire procedure transparent and open for anybody.

4) we have to start to think about alternative funding possibilities or a complete privatisation of the bus transport. New ideas are requested, conventional or heretic, then we can evaluate, and then we can decide.


  • the legal base

in general we face in short words the following situation:

  • financial support is given by the city/town/commune where the school is placed.
  • for the pupils transport the public transportation systems are foreseen.
  • you receive a contribution by the town for the ScoolCard
  • you live far away, so you have asked for a formal 'Schulbezirkswechsel' this means that your child is allowed to visit the ESKAR instead of the school closest to your home. Doing so you have lost any right for reimbursement of transport costs.

This means that  the generous support from the town we receive is volontary, we need this money and depend on it.



  • short report on parent evening from May 10th 2017

at 19:30 about 40 to 50 parents were present together with the Transport responsibles and the director of the school Mr Gassner and the head of the städtische Schul- und Sportamt (SuS) Mr Frisch.

Mr Gassner opened, explained the situation of the school and the importance of the transport for it. Mr Frisch took over summarising the situation of the SuS showing the need for saving money.

Olaf Walter then explained the actual situation and the proposed changes. The presentation you will find for download on the bottom of this side.

There was quite an emotional discussion on the possible changes in the transport, it is obvious and clear that the parents concerned were (and are) not happy.

As a result the proposed changes or cuts of lines including the optimised routes of remaining lines  will  be overworked within the next weeks/months and published before the end of this school term. The situation for the new school year will be known by the end of the ongoing. Parents are involved in this process.

The discussion closed ca at 21:30. The length of this parent evening reflects perfectly the importance of a functioning transport for the parents.


updated: 25.04.2018

presentation during parent evening
explaining the actual situation and foreseen but to be revised changes
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