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Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.


Fees set by KVV

The transport of school children is simply linked to the ownership of a valid KVV school card. Its price is fixed by the KVV (475 € for the school term 2017/18), all payment is done between you and the KVV. For more details we refer to the sides of the KVV.


Fees set by the transportation committee:

Transport fee for kindergarden children in the school busses/tram: identical to school card of the KVV (or 10% of the amount per month if the child enters the school later during the term of the school year).
Service fee: 35. - € per school year per child with start from 1.9.2017, the service fee from March on for the ongoing school year is reduced to 15.- €. This is fee is to be paid by you to the transport committee before May 15. Please install a Dauerauftrag (standing order) or fill in our SEPA Einzugsermächtigungsmandat (direct debit mandate) which you find together with all details on our bank account you find under the formal infos...


However we request Arrears fee or administration fees (payment and registration after May 15): 5. - € per case.

In order to avoid that you have to pay arrear fees we would like to encourage you to benefit from our service of parcipating in payment via direct debit mandate.


Additional fee while usage of the service without valid ticket: according to the rules of the public transportation company. A valid ticket is needed.
Guest trip:     2.50 € per trip in the school busses (to be bought at the guardians)
                      A normal ticket of the KVV in the tram

The service we offer: please look here.


Explanations to the fees, what are we doing with the money?

The fees especially the service fee cover all the expenses of the transportation committee like payment of the secretary or the financial contributions to the accompanying surveying persons in the school busses or trams. The accompanyying persons are necessary while kindergarden children are involved. Parts of this money also cover expenses for the children transports while going to swimming lessons. Therefor any usage of the offers of the transportation committee is linked to the service fee, without having contributed to this social fee the school busses and trams are not to be used. Unfortunately quite some of the people forget to transfer this social fee to us, this gives a damage to all other users.

The transport fee for the kindergarden children is only needed when the child uses the school busses or tram, in the public transportation children younger than 6 years are free but have to be accompanied by an adult.

Increase of the fee with the new term 2017/18, background :

With the new school year 2017/18 the fee is set to 35,- € per child and year. The reason is that the work load for the transport secretary and treasurer is so high that it cannot be covered at all by a minijob. Due to the fact that the secretary cannot be paid any more on a minijob base the overall costs for this position will double as in this moment as well social insurances have to be paid. The transport committee does not have this money and therefore we have to increase the fee. The transport committee agreed to this step and we kindly ask your understanding.

The work of our secretary and treasurer includes not only all the administrative matters but as well to prepare and set-up the transport for the future. Furthermore she is acting as interface between the parents, the school, the transport companies.The re-organisation of the transport will be one of the main tasks during the new school year.


last up-date: 6.9.2017

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