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Spelling bees

The American Library Spelling Bee is a yearly contest and our children are invited to participate. 

The Spelling Bee was started by a few mothers of students attending the European School of Karlsruhe. It has grown into an event that attracts eager young spellers from as far away as Frankfurt am Main and Strasbourg. 


What is a Spelling Bee?
A spelling bee is a traditional American spelling contest in which students compete against each other to spell as many words correctly as possible. 

Each student is given a word to spell. If they succeed in spelling the word correctly, they go on to the next round. But if they make a mistake, they are 

out of the contest. If you are familiar with The Hunger Games, then you will understand the concept: The last one standing wins. But in a spelling bee nobody gets hurt, everyone learns lots of great words that they can use their whole lives, and the three finalists get cool prizes. 


Who can participate?
All kids born after July 27, 2001 who know or are learning English can sign up. The students participate in two groups:


  • E-Bees (students taught primarily in English)
  • Bees (students taught primarily in a language other than English, 
  • e.g., from the German and French sections at the European School or from German schools) 


Registration deadline:  February 10, 2018

Preliminary Rounds:     Febuary 23 & 24, 2018

Final Bee: March 17, 2018


For more information  an registration please visit the website of the American Library in Karlsruhe

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