Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.
Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.


Um eine kostenlose Kleinanzeige aufzugeben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter kar-ev@partner.eursc.eu und geben Sie als Betreff bitte "Kleinanzeige" an.

Wir stellen Ihre Anzeige gerne online!


Kleinanzeigen können von allen PA Mitgliedern aufgegeben werden.


>>>The ESK Parents’ Association is seeking 2 members to represent our PA at the Interparents. 


Interparents is the organization that regroups and represents the Parents’ Associations of all the European Schools across Europe (currently 14).  Interparents (IP) is represented in the main governing bodies of the European schools: Joint Teaching Committee; Budgetary Committee; Board of Governors. 

Refer to the attached document for more details on IP.


If you are interested in helping our PA with Interparents work, for the benefit of our children, please get in touch with us (basudebjani@yahoo.de). You should be willing to scrutinize various documents and can travel 2 to 4 times/year to different European Schools. Working language is English. Whether your background/center of interest is in European affairs, pedagogical matters, finance, law, project management…your competences will be welcome.<<< 

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