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Holiday daycare

The PA has successfully worked for the installation of a holiday daycare at the ESKAR. In cooperation with the school and the supplier Lenitas (formerly proLiberis) there will be a holiday daycare for the children of the kindergarden or the elementary (childs from 3.5 to 12 years).

It was agreed with the school that a holiday child day care on the grounds of the school shall be offered each year for the winter holidays, for the second week of the Easter holidays and for the May holidays.

If you have questions or ideas, they are very welcome. Please contact us via the parent association email.




the registration for the May holidays is  open, there are still places free.

deadline is 01/05/2018

for the registration please follow the guidelines as indicated here



a brief report over the holiday child day care during the Easter holidays you will find at the bottom of this page next week, it is still not ready, but there were 19 children participating.


last modified 16/04/2018

Holiday child day care in 2018, information:


last year we had the EUROLANDIA holiday child daycare programme which is continued this year.
Our partner has changed its name but the people are the same, registration will proceed via Lenitas (former: proLiberis) (see here http://lenitas.de/ferienbetreuung-der-europaeischen-schule-karlsruhe).

the necessary form you can find there or here on this page at the end of this paragraph. You are kindly requested to fill in the form and send the documents to Lenitas.


Your contribution in 2018 will be 26 Euro per day and per child.


Winter holidays 2018:                12.02. – 16.02.2018 (5 days)
Easter holidays 2018 (week 2): 03.04. – 06.04.2018 (4 days)
May holidays 2018:                     22.05. – 25.05.2018 (4 days)


Please note that during the in the form present first week of the Easter holidays due to organisatory reasons there will be no holiday child day care, please be aware and arrange your plannings accordingly.


As in the autumn holiday there is a public holiday enabling to make the bridge, there will not be any child day care during the autumn holdays.

We hope that with these arrangements your families is helped, and we wish the holiday child day care programme the same success as last year and even more important: a lot of fun to all the children and social workers who will be there.

last update 12/03/2018

Registration form for EUROLANDIA holiday child day care in 2018
please print and fill in
PDF-Dokument [90.1 KB]


Holiday daycare is finished for 2017:


The overall feedback after now one year of holiday daycare is very positive. We will keep on organising the holiday daycare in close cooperation with the school for the winter holidays in February 2018, Easter holidays 2018 and May holidays 2018.



Holiday daycare, general information:


The holiday daycare programme at the ESKAR is in cooperation of the PA, the school and the provider proLiberis.

Daycare takes place from 8:00 to 16:30 o'clock.

Pre-condition is that the minimum number of 12 children for participation is reached by the deadline.

The price in 2017 was 24,- Euro per day and child and covers all the needs of your child during the day. We will try to keep the price on this level, but it might rise by 2-3 Euro per day and child as for 2018 it will be necessary to include the expenses for the cleaning costs.

In the PA there are mainly two members involved, Mariangela and Olaf. If you have questions you can contact them via the email address of the PA.



Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Faschingsferien 2018
report of the now the 5th holiday child daycare during the winter holdays in February 2018
PDF-Dokument [94.3 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Maiferien 2017
report of the now the 4th holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [531.6 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Osterferien 2017
report of the 3rd holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [693.6 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Winterferien 2017
report of the 2nd holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [549.8 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Herbstferien 2016
report of the 1st holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [456.0 KB]
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