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Holiday daycare

The PA has successfully worked for the installation of a holiday daycare at the ESKAR. In cooperation with the school and the supplier proLiberis there will be a holiday daycare for the children of the kindergarden or the elementary (childs from 3.5 to 12 years).


Holiday daycare during the May holidays:


The holiday child day care in the May holidays will take place. 13 children have been registered. It seems that the wheather will be nice so we wish the children and the trainers nice holidays with a lot of fun.



Holiday daycare during the easter holidays:


the holiday day care during the easter holidays was concluded successfully, 15 children enjoyed it during the first week. For the 2nd week however the number of registrations was too low.

It was a success, the parents were content. The more detailed report is placed on the bottom of this page.



Holiday daycare during the winter holidays, report


During the winter holidays there a child daycare took place and 20 children joined it. The group was complete. The feedback was great and children and teachers like it really a lot. A report you will find at the bottom of this page or on the proLiberis homepage.



Continuation of the holiday daycare:


it has agreed between the PA, the school and the provider proLiberis to continue with the holiday daycare programme at the ESKAR.

There will be a possibility of daycare during the Winter holidays, the Easter holidays and the May holidays 2017 from 8:00 to 16:30 o'clock, only pre-condition is that the minimum number of 12 children for participation is reached by the deadline.

The price will be constant kept for 2017 at 24,- Euro per day and child and covers all the needs of your child during the day.

Registration is opened under the homepage of the provider proLiberis (https://pro-liberis.org/kinderbetreuung/anmeldung-ferienbetreuung/).



Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Osterferien 2017
report of the 3rd holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [693.6 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Winterferien 2017
report of the 2nd holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [549.8 KB]
Bericht Ferienbetreuung ESKAR Herbstferien 2016
report of the 1st holiday child daycare
PDF-Dokument [456.0 KB]
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