Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.
Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.


Does your child suffer from a learning disorder? The ESK is taking care of children with special educational needs, which means children with a diagnosed syndrome like autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, behavioural, emotional problems etc.


Our SEN program aims to help students with a specific program, making the entire curriculum accessible to students experiencing difficulties




*  The support is flexible. It takes place within the class or individually and is tailored to suit     the needs of the child. Small groups can be created.
*  Teacher specialists are involved in learning.
*  External specialists can also be involved.
*  Recommendations of the class and support teachers are discussed and further                  assistance may be requested.
*  Parents must request SEN-Support from the Director of the Primary school.
*  Assessment by a psychologist is required (renewable every two-years) and has to be        made  in the language of the department issued.
*  An advisory committee discusses and decides whether a child is accepted to the SEN        programme.
*  A binding contract for one year is completed and signed by the parents and school.
*  SEN may continue in the secondary school. All students that continue in the secondary       level, need a current psychological test before the review in June, if they wish to                 continue on the SEN programme.
*  For a smooth transition the SEN-primary school teachers can continue the teaching in      the secondary school.


In cases where the school is not able to provide the necessary educational support for a pupil, it can declare itself incompetent. The school is committed to assisting parents in the search for a proper educational environment. 


The Sen-team at the European School:


Primary school: Mrs Ingrid Bayless and Mrs Carol Jones

Highschool: Mrs Sophie Chabanis-Davidson 


For more information, please contact Eleonor Kutzner or Pierre Brun, our Sen specialists at the PA: evesk@eskar.org
or visit the school website: http://eskar.org/services/supports.html?L=1

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