Mobility Programme- European Schools Student Exchange

The Parents Association supports and promotes the “Mobility Program” in different European schools! 

The Mobility Program allows pupils to temporarily study at one of the official and accredited European Schools, experiencing a different educational and cultural environment.  

Our European School offers the possibility of hosting students, as well as supporting ours to visit other schools. The program takes place regularly within the 1st semester of S5. However, if there are justified reasons, the 1st semester of S4 is also possible. The minimum duration of a visit is 5-6 weeks, the maximum is one semester.  

One of the most important elements of the program is the host families. Living for a few months with a local family is key to experience the other culture and the host family will benefit too, creating new relationships and understanding new traditions.   

The host families need to provide suitable accommodation, food and clear guidelines to the host student/s. Participants also have to prove that they are sufficiently insured (health, travel, accident, third-party) and sufficient money to support their staying in another country.  

We are always looking for host families and if you would like to be one, please contact us STUDENKA@PARTNER.EURSC.EU


ESK PA Mobility Team