Technical Issue with the Website?

Dear parents,

through the years we have encountered the following problems. Perhaps you have also experienced one of these problems and we can help:

-After you have ordered a course(s), please go to Orders in your ESK Parents account. Make sure that all orders have gone through. If one is set to ‘Payment Pending’, please click ‘Pay’ again. Many new cards need this ‘double verification’ or because of your own bank’s ‘double verification’ the payment will fail. 

– You must book each course individually though you can book more than one of the same course at a time. If you leave the booking system to add a second course, the first course will no longer be ready to be paid for when you return to ‘Payment’.

– If you go through the booking process for a course and reach ‘Payment’ and then decide you do not wish to purchase the course, the only way to delete the course is to go backwards and deselect the child/children for whom you no long wish to purchase the course. There is no delete button. 

-If something is not working on the website, it is usually a cache problem. Please clear the cache on your respective phone/notebook/computer/iPad/etc. and try again.

-If you are told that the IP address is not found, it is usually because you have tried your password too many times. If you wait 1.5 hours, it will unlock itself again. 

-if you don’t remember your password, you can request a new one automatically

-if you have not used the website for more than 2 years, your account has been automatically deleted. Please make a new one. 

-If you find any other problem, please contact for technical problems and for payment or membership problems. We will be happy to try to help!

Thank you!!