Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.
Elternvereinigung der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V.

Herzlich wilkommen - Welcome - Bienvenue

 at the Parent Association of the ESK- bei der Elternvereinigung der ESK - à des parents d'élèves de l'école Européenne de Karlsruhe

Represent your own interests

The Parent Association at the European School Karlsruhe represents the interests of all parents of the children at our school. It organises e.g. the school transport, takes care of after school activities, child care and is represented in the canteen commitee. The Parent Association is a registered non-profit organisation, in which all ESK families with children can voluntarily join. Our aim is to support and promote the school progress and the welfare of the children throughout their school stay. The annual contribution is only 30,- EUR per family. All parents are very welcome- becoming a member is of great value for the succes of the school! 

Why is the Parent Association so important?

It is our responsibility to develop an intensive relationship between the teaching staff, the parents and others involved in the school. At the same time we are engaged in activities to support the school and to improve the quality of education.

A membership of the Parent Association includes automatic participation in the school community and it will offer you a number of advantages. It is important, to be active and take advantage of our position within the school system.

  • The Parent Association represents the parents at all levels. 
  • The Parent Association  provides information and answers your questions.
  • Through the Parent Association you participate at the school life of your child.
  • When conflicts arise, the Parent Association offers support and advice.
  • Join us – together we will make the school stronger and better. 
  • In special hardship cases will the Parent Association provide financial support for class tripps and study trips. 

We represent the interests of parents at the Educational Counsil, the Administration Committee and at all areas and workgroups affiliated with the school. Additionally, some members will take part four or five times a year at school meetings. The board of the PA is meeting once a month.


Furthermore does the Parent Association inform the parents about the content of their meetings and we keep the parents up to date regarding the progress and development at the school.   

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